Rova was created by Ashna Ruia from her love of fashion and busy city-girl-on-the-go lifestyle. Always wanting to feel and look her best while considering the amount of time allocated to that task, she realized many other women also face this small dilemma, daily. Ashna saw a personal stylist as the best option and found a way to make this luxury available to all. 
Client: Rova
Platform: iOs 
Deliverables: Define and prioritize features, medium to high fidelity mockups, clickable prototype. 
Challenge: Getting users to take and/or upload their own images rather than mainly using the 'quick fix' templates. 
Objective: Take the daunting process of matching the perfect bottom and top to whatever occasion women will attend, with all items in their closets considered.
ROVA is going to make a direct-to-consumer application that will provide recommendations on the best combinations of tops and bottoms the user can wear from his/her existing wardrobe. A personal stylist made into an algorithm that will help you with the clothes you already possess.
Users have the choice of uploading pictures of their clothes (tops and bottoms), or pictures of themselves wearing the clothes, and the application will recommend combinations that could be matched well.
The algorithm for optimal pairing will be generated using a machine learning model, the data of what constitutes "good" combinations coming from stylists/ designers/ influencers . Finally we hope to also bring in an E-commerce angle by providing links of accessories that will help complete the look (for example: providing the link of a scarf that will help complete or complement the look suggested by our recommendation engine).​​​​​​​
"Social butterfly - a perfect place for someone who is socially active and conscience of appearance."
"Self confidence
Fun loving
Self love​​​​​​​"
"To help people with styling their existing wardrobe.
To help them maximize and optimize the clothes they already own.
To help them arrive at a quick decision on what to wear, based on the latest styles and trends.
To not have the going out process as a burden or pain.
To show people how they can use the clothes they already own in."
-Initially females (eventually males) ages 13-60
-Beginning in the United States and India, with the aim of reaching all countries. ​​​​​​​
What words describe how we want the app to make users feel and what we want this app to accomplish
Listing, defining, and consolidating scope of features for initial launch
Below is a (condensed) user flow of uploading clothing articles to the closet from images already saved to a phone. The app will have a remove background feature, enabling a cleaner aesthetic while a user is viewing her/his closet. 
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