Captured was created to promote a passion for photography and to support freelance artists. It's the convenient and trusted way to professionally capture your special memories and establish 'go-to' relationships with photographers. We connect you with professional photographers to capture life moments you want to experience over and over again. 
Client: Captured
Platform: iOs 
Deliverables: Define and prioritize features, sketches, high fidelity mockups, and clickable prototype. 
Challenge: With smartphones and social media can we create a big enough demand for and drawn in professional photographers?
Objective: Establish long-term relationships between photographers and clients. Photographers will have profiles demonstrating areas of expertise. Clients can research photographers and book through app. Clients can post needs and photographers are able to look through job listings.
Play the video below to see a quick run-through of some of the app's main features
"Like the dating app designed to be deleted but for photographer/client relationships"
Fiverr: Hire professionals for a variety of projects (5 stars; 154K users)
Thumbtack: Hire professionals for a variety of projects (5 stars; 71K users)
Hhub: IG content creators club: photographers, videographers, models, makeup artists - small market (4.5 stars; 757 users)
Once you've downloaded & registered your profile: 
The app's home screen will allow you to search and/or browse photographers based on the set geotarget: ​​​​​​​
Searching and browsing photographers or photography styles is available through five formats: (format 1-2 listed below)
Format 1
Format 1
Format 2
Format 2
A complete list of available styles are viewable from searching through format 1 & 2
A complete list of available styles are viewable from searching through format 1 & 2
...complete list continued
...complete list continued
(format 3)
Format 3
Format 3
(format 4-5) The top right search button searches photographer names. The lower left search button searches photography styles.
Once you've found the style of photography, the app lists photographers based on your specified search. You have the option to filter categories within the specified style.
Works like AirBnB hosting: photographers will allow how far in advanced clients are able to book out their shoots, & will need to respond to inquiries for consultations within 24 hours of receiving a consultation request. Once you've decided which photographer you'd like to book, checking availability and sending a consultation request would be the next steps.
The schedule tool allows you to view and manage upcoming and/or pending appointments:
An inbox to communicate with your photographer/client and your profile will showcase photography and/or to establish yourself as a client. (TBMS to be mocked-up soon!)
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